Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Supreme Being

I have a huge girl crush on pretty much every beautiful lady signed to Supreme.

Darya, Olesya, Vika & Hanne

and Milou & Timoxa - my old favorites who aren't at Supreme anymore ...

Whenever a girl from Supreme came into a casting at the studio you could guess thats where she was signed. So(ooo) gorgeous and such good style.

Hey jealousyyy hey jealousyyy..


ryan said...

oh how artsy art thou'

you are interesting.

i like your blog. ^^

Allie said...

Anyway, I love the golden color of the fourth girl's hair. It's just stunning.

Constance said...

Beautiful girlies!

Charleston said...

wow they're stunning and so unique. what a model should be like. x

KAELA said...

fifth element