Wednesday, September 30, 2009


I just got back from my super short trip to Paris this afternoon - I am trying to get back on normal time but I think my body is currently at 1:30 AM and I am not sure how long I can go without sleeping. I didn't really do anything too exciting - lots and lots of walking around and about 20 coffee breaks a day. I wish there were more sidewalk cafe's in New York like they are on every corner in Paris. Maybe the best parts of the trip was the hotel (not sad!) - a little classy brothel-y (there was a pay per hour room on my floor - and for I think the first time in my life I actually unmistakably heard something~ going on), and there was a bathtub in my first room! With Kiehl's everything! In my delirious state when I first arrived, it was maybe the best thing ever.

& room 2

Anyway, I am excited for Fashion Week to switch cities, Marni has definitely been my favorite this week, I don't really know if there was anything else I did like very much :/

(Marni images via

Sunday, September 20, 2009


Yesterday I had a mini shopping spree at maybe my favorite small NYC boutique, Assembly, with the excuse that I need some 'practical' things to bring on an impromptu business trip to Paris next weekend. Yes, I am going on a business trip, and yes to PARIS. So awesome.

Anyway, if you haven't been to Assembly and are roaming around the Lower East Side ever you should check it out. It is so perfectly curated (Chronicles of Never, Risto Bimbiloski, Raquel Allegra etc etc) and has such a nice cave-like/old mans study atmosphere.

I am very obsessed with this one Risto dress

ah it kind of pains me to look at it! and way more gorgeous in real life.

Either way, I walked out with an awesome black wool backpack as well as a Complex Geometries hooded sweatshirt that I'm certain will become my fall jacket. Maybe real photos later!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

You Told Me Again You Preferred Handsome Men.../Tom Scott 2010

A lot of designers this season have seemed to substitute the runway for some pretty cool alternatives. Generally I don't love the look of presentations, but I really liked Phillip Lim's doll-housy set up for his men's collection and Boy by Band of Outsiders faux-beach. My favorite for sure has been Tom Scott at the Chelsea Hotel. Ah, so so awesome. It feels super whimsical/sexy/60s and the clothes are gorgeouss

(photos via WWD)

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Driving through the mountains and the radio is giving out/A Détacher 2010

I can't believe it's over! Everything I have been working on this summer kind of peaked this week, the artist I interned for, Rachel Foullon, had her opening Wednesday, my friend got married and last night was the A Détacher show. It looked amazing

(images via ny mag - you can see the rest of the show there!)

This is after the hair/makeup test without the pink lips, aren't the eyelashes rad?? if i could only pull it off outside my bedroom...I felt pretty cool walking home though!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fashion week day 1!

Really bummed that I missed the Rachel Comey show this morning! The rooftop in kind of hazy gray weather and St Vincent playing Tom Petty cover songs sounds like it was a pretty amazing set up - unfortunately we are still knee-deep in planning for our own show Friday night. Very exciting though and it is calming down for sure. I walked around Bryant Park a little this afternoon and it seemed a lot less crazy than I imagined it would be. Going to a few parties this weekend, I am really excited for fashion night out tomorrow. I am going to do the hair test for A Détacher tomorrow night so I will hopefully have some cool updo and makeup! I am glad our show is early.

sacha is so cute!

I want to wear my hair like this every day

i will finish off with pretty edythe and lea

(images via NBC New York)

Still have yet to check out any other shows today...