Monday, September 26, 2011

new goods

vintage Metzler aviators via ebay and a Sylvan Le Hen barrette via Creatures

how come that blood

My friend Jordan and I saw Sam Amidon perform in September of 2005 when we were NYU freshman at, what I think, was a show at North 6th in Williamsburg. I can't remember who he opened for. It was one of those many magical moments when I first arrived in New York hearing him play. A few weeks later, it could have been less than that, my new friends and I invited ourselves to an intimate house party at a loft in south Williamsburg where he played with Doveman and The Robot Ate Me. It was funny, because we definitely weren't invited, it was a very small group of their friends there, but we drank and danced and I think they were excited we came.

ps. just did some research in my gmail - he opened for deerhoof, coincidentally I bought the tickets 6 years ago today :)

Sunday, September 25, 2011

quiet backstage

Beautful photos via Dossier Journal
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