Monday, March 30, 2009


actually, fuck on a break for a little while! I may be lacking one of the major necessities of keeping up a blog (a computer) but I won't let that keep me down... I'm sitting at school between classes and looking through my photobucket and thought maybe I would share a few more pieces in my growing shoe collection...

a detacher booties

I refuse to spend insane amounts of money on shoes, so when the designer I work for gave me these amazing booties for working at her SS09 show I was so excited. I don't wear them enough because I am so scared to ruin them. They just started carrying them at creatures of comfort.

opening ceremony patent sandals (photos via totokaelo)

I don't know how I didn't wear these into the ground last summer! I got them for like 75% off from shopbop. I even accidently wore them to work a few times (at habana outpost where I would be behind a bar for six hours in a half inch of water). I wish cold weather would end already! I saw a girl in the subway this morning wearing flip flops and she looked insane.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

channeling summer

t by alexander wang / la garconne

I've been wearing this dress around the apartment all morning with sandals even though it's is 40 degrees outside. Last night was the opening of my senior thesis show. The end of college is coming so close and it feels so crazy and good.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A Detacher Wish List

images from wwd

It's so hard going into work and looking at the new spring collection on the racks and knowing I can't afford any of it! I have set aside two things for myself so far, the macrame bag and the black ruffly tank, which are definitely two of my favorite pieces from the collection. But those green zip up pants and the white crochet top are very very very high on my wishlist (and sadly probably will never materialize in my closet). Ahhh well.

Monday, March 23, 2009

I really should be doing work

I am in love with most everything Rachel Comey. Despite the fact that my wardrobe is all black/gray/white/navy, I am a huge sucker for her prints and even worse for her shoes. I want this romper so badly. I'm just going to cross my fingers that come july when everything starts going on sale, this is somehow still in stock somewhere.

images from

Sunday, March 22, 2009

new shoes!

pierre hardy for gap wooden/suede platforms

minimarket navy wedge boots

with the close to nonexistent funds i have this month i got these two pairs of shoes for spring. the gap platforms are so amazing! I had a discount, but I was scared to order them online because i hate returning things. They're so much cuter than I imagined! I am sad already thinking about how dirty they will be in a few months. I had been eyeing the minimarket wedges on tresbienshop for about a week and as i noticed every size starting to sell out i impulsively ordered the last pair of 39s. Anyway, I am happy!

i hate my camera

or maybe i just have the worst apartment for photographing.

silk tank - sunshine and shadow
button up skirt - mirror/dash from urban outfitters
circle scarf - h&m
socks - a detacher
tights - american apparel
heels - rachel comey

I just came back from the best breakfast ever at Dumont in Williamsburg with Lindsay. I want to go back for dinner. Agh so good!

Saturday, March 21, 2009

good morning

gold sweater tank - thrifted Dolce and Gabbana
harem pants - self made
leather and canvas cut out flats - Rachel Comey

I am so obsessed with this gold sweater I found! Last summer I lived in a little yellow sweater tank from Beacons Closet and this one is ten times better (its gold! its D&G! I secretly get to be a little euro trashy!). I have been searching everywhere for inexpensive, simple black harem pants and with no luck, I made these and I'm quite happy with them. annnd lastly, my mom got me these adorable flats for xmas and I haven't gotten a chance to wear them, finally it's getting warm enough!

touch and feel

For the past few weeks I have been working on a touch and feel book. These are some of the finished pages. They are all silk screen with glue and flocking powder. I wish the pictures weren't so bad! The book hopefully will debut at my show on Wednesday. It is so nice out! If only it were like ten or twenty degrees warmer. I want to go to McCarren park today with Luke and drink ice coffee and pretend it really feels like spring. 

**edit - i have a few of each print so if anyone is interested in buying one feel free to email me

Friday, March 20, 2009

my hair is getting so long!

ahh. I can't take being sick too much longer! my eyes have been all red and sleepy looking for almost two weeks. I am so bummed spring break (my last spring break ever! ahh!) is over. Tons of work this weekend...tons of prep for my thesis show next week. I'm excited about this new blog and with the new cam i am anticipating for my impending 22nd birthday, i'll have lots more to put on it.