Saturday, March 21, 2009

good morning

gold sweater tank - thrifted Dolce and Gabbana
harem pants - self made
leather and canvas cut out flats - Rachel Comey

I am so obsessed with this gold sweater I found! Last summer I lived in a little yellow sweater tank from Beacons Closet and this one is ten times better (its gold! its D&G! I secretly get to be a little euro trashy!). I have been searching everywhere for inexpensive, simple black harem pants and with no luck, I made these and I'm quite happy with them. annnd lastly, my mom got me these adorable flats for xmas and I haven't gotten a chance to wear them, finally it's getting warm enough!


leong said...

Hey will you by any chance be making more of this pair of pants for sale? :)

Caitlin said...

i would if i had made a pattern for them! I basically just reworked a pair of xxxl elasticized pants

leong said...

Arh alright do let me know if you ever make them again. I would love to have one!

Samantha, (:

harriet said...

As would I, I think these pants are adorable.