Wednesday, September 9, 2009

fashion week day 1!

Really bummed that I missed the Rachel Comey show this morning! The rooftop in kind of hazy gray weather and St Vincent playing Tom Petty cover songs sounds like it was a pretty amazing set up - unfortunately we are still knee-deep in planning for our own show Friday night. Very exciting though and it is calming down for sure. I walked around Bryant Park a little this afternoon and it seemed a lot less crazy than I imagined it would be. Going to a few parties this weekend, I am really excited for fashion night out tomorrow. I am going to do the hair test for A D├ętacher tomorrow night so I will hopefully have some cool updo and makeup! I am glad our show is early.

sacha is so cute!

I want to wear my hair like this every day

i will finish off with pretty edythe and lea

(images via NBC New York)

Still have yet to check out any other shows today...


Oh Dear Charlotte said...

yay so exciting :)

Pjjjj said...

YAY fashion week <3 Can't wait for more photos! Loving what I see so far!

filthy lust said...

love the hair too.

kelsea said...

your blog is amazing. i love everything in it, from your outfits to your beautiful photography!! i am linking/following you now :3
take care!