Sunday, February 20, 2011


My introduction to J.W. Anderson was actually last fall when I met a super cute girl wearing the cuuutest navy pleated skirt and tee-shirt with a heart made of fat lilac embroidered flowers, but I didn't realize at the time, and I never asked her who the designer was. I just remember loving those pieces, and then about a month ago I saw that same teeshirt on ASOS and my affection was reactivated. I'm crazy about his new lookbook (which features Hannah Noble, one of the most lovely and funny models I have actually had the pleasure of working with) and the clothes look so cool. I wish I knew more stores in the states that carried him, because at the moment I only know

(video and photos via Dazed Digital)

And while i'm on it....Another video of Hannah from McQ, just because I adore this girl...


PARISA said...

love these photos, the garments are to die for!

following you as of now.

Chesney said...

ahhhh, the back of that one dress is so pretty. lovely! probably not a hard DIY, either.