Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today I spent an incredibly, mostly rain free (annoying to keep talking about the weather, but really, like, it is very hard to not talk about it!) in Weston, CT hanging out at my friend Lindsay's house for a family party, sitting in a hot tub, drinking cosmopolitans and playing never have I ever. Most fun day of summer yet I think. It actually felt like summer (ahh, no more weather talk! sorry) which was so amazing. Getting out of New York is my new favorite thing. Anyway, I have been kind of-sort of going through the resort collections. Pretty late, but I kind of forgot about it. I don't think I have really found any complete collection I am totally into, but I definitely found lots of outfits I'd want to wear from a few.

Alexander Wang
I love the color palate in these few looks and I lovvve those cross-over waist pants.

Miu Miu - the pink dress on the left is so pretty!

Someone recommend some good resort collections to look at!

(ps. happy father's day!)


Nicole said...

Jenni Kayne, Rachel Roy, Temperly London, and Elise Øverland are all pretty good collections.

Chapstick Kills said...

i want the holey sweater!