Thursday, April 7, 2011

ANAISE/the cutest new e-shop

Today was the launch of a very beautiful new e-shop called ANAISE. In July my boyfriend and I are moving in together and I am crazy about these cups and pretty tablecloths. Luke and I were actually talking about tablecloths just yesterday (we were!) and these are the top of my wishlist. The selection of dresses and everything else is so wonderfully curated. I don't have much to say besides you should check it out and spread the word!

My wishlist at the moment:

Akiko Graham custard cup $14, with the aforementioned linen tablecloth $60

crazy cute Loup voile cotton undies $36

Fog Linen butter knife $7 and A Détacher dress $649

most perfect onepiece from Mociun and a small leather shoulder bag by Tannis Hegan


Ringo, have a banana! said...

Oh you beat me to the punch, sneak! I am dying to get my hands on some of those beautiful plates she's selling, seriously, the are the best plates I've EVER seen.

Sarah: said...

So lovely - your wish list is full of things I'd be happy to have (especially that A Détacher dress!).

montmarte said...

thanks, caitlin!

carolina dalit said...

love the leather shoulder bag. <3

Chesney said...

the undies are spectacularly lovely, indeed.