Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Interview Outfit

So I had my interview today at Helmut Lang. I am crossing my fingers really hard. It seems like it would be a really amazing and fun and laid back place to work, but it also sounded like they have a lot more people to interview. I forgot how gorgeous the West Village is! I don't ever have any reason to be in that area, but even in the rain today it was so quiet and pretty.

black dress (underneath) - T by Alexander Wang
gray button up dress - Stephan Schneider
tights - Duane Reade
patent loafers - Etsy


Nicole said...

good luck with the job!
your outfit is really cute. :)

Anonymous said...

that outfit, is amazing especially the Alexander wang shirt, i love your blog is it okay if i link you on my blog?


Arianna said...

are you applying to intern or to work there? Cute outfit!
btw, im the one who bought the bearded man sweatshirt on ur shop site. could you send me the tracking number pleeease?

Steph said...

great interview outfit good luck with the job!

camille said...

that stephan schneider piece is lovely. i've got my fingers crossed for you! :)

Moded'amour said...

LOVE that dress!!

Ringo, have a banana! said...

Excellent outfit, oh man I hope you get the job!

sarah said...

you are dressed for success!
good luck ;)
xo s

peeyanokeys said...

i love alexander wang