Saturday, April 4, 2009

the replacements

I found these beauties on ebay last weekend! They are suede and leather Ferragamo's and were insanely cheap. I've been wearing my Dieppa Restrepo lace-ups into the ground and I still feel kinda bad about throwing them away. I tried to photograph some clothes today but my apartment is way too bright and washes everything out (see last post) and I don't have any consistently good places to take pictures. We are moving in July, so maybe I wont have a problem in our new apartment (what a nerdy thing to think about!).

Ferragamo wing-tips via Ebay

my destroyed Dieppa Restrepo patent oxfords. R.I.P.

(ps. I've been cleaning out my closet a lot this week and if anyones interested I have a lot of things on eBay)



Heh those battered puppies still look tooo cute.
have fun with the new one! i likeX

sarah said...

i have a pair of boots that have disintegrated from too much wear. they've been everywhere with me, i love them so much i'm seriously thinking of burying them in the backyard...
happier note: love your new shoes! i hope they're as comfortable as they are adorable

Austere said...

I have pair of shoes that I have run into hte ground and I can't bring myself to get rid of them! I really like your replacements. Amazing blog.

Anonymous said...

great post,

have a nice easter

Miranda said...

oo i love your wingtips! perfect with ankle pants and funny socks!